Tag is a brilliant Mixed Social Sport, suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and sporting abilities, where guys and girls play together in a competitive environment.

Games are 7 a side where you must have at least 3 girls on the pitch at all times (though more girls equals more points when they score). You can have up to an additional 7 subs on the sideline (so maximum squads of 14) and can swap them on and off as many times as you like over the course of a normal 50 minute game (2 x 25 min halves).

No Experience Required!

You don’t need any rugby experience as the game is all about running and passing where agility, speed and hand-eye co-ordination are the key skills. It is a soft contact sport, similar to basketball - so intentional impact and deliberate contact are forbidden and strictly penalised by our officials. Tag compliments a wide range of other sports, from soccer to Gaelic football and from hockey to tennis.

Each year, our league starts in May and runs for 9 weeks. The initial matches are used to grade each team after which teams will be sorted into two divsions to ensure everyone gets matches appropriate to their level.

Your team plays one 50 minute match per week, kick off times are either 7pm or 8pm and your team will be playing at one of these times every week. So you will have some early games and some late matches.

The great thing about Tag is that it doesn’t end at the final whistle! Our Après-Tag Social Nights are legendary and a great place to mix with and meet new people. What better way to celebrate your victory / drown your sorrows after defeat than dropping into the bar for a drink with your team mates to analyse everyone's performance! So you are guaranteed to have a ball both on - and off - the pitch!

Click here for information on the exact format of our competition