TAG SHORTS. Tag shorts are available from ‘The Hurley Depot’ on Johns Street and are priced at 20 euro. The Hurley Depot can be found at http://HurleyDepot.com


TEAM COLOURS. The Hurley depot can also screen print your team t-shirts from 5 euro. You can either supply your own t-shirts for screen printing or Gary in the Hurley Depot can source different options for you.

If teams have their own kit or t-shirts please let us know what you have as we will allocate a team colour for each of the rest of the teams and encourage them to wear tops close to that colour. For example a team will be allocated ‘red’ as their colour so should wear Munster, Liverpool, Cork, Spain tops or any red top.


PITCHES AND SHOWERS. The pitches are being marked and the changing rooms and showers are being divided into Male and Female sections so all will be ready to go for the first night.


RULES. Any team with 4 or more active or recently retired rugby players will automatically be placed in the competitive division. Teams in the social division therefore cannot have any more than 3 active or recently retired rugby players. This will be strictly enforced. There is no restriction on the number of rugby players per team in the competitive division.


WARM UP NIGHT. There will be a warm up night on Tuesday the 9th of May for anyone who wants a game or for those who are starting for the first time. Open to anyone even if the rest of your team is unavailable.



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