Hi all

Hope you are looking forward to the start of tag tonight. Remember that tonight are just grading matches allowing us to see what level teams are at and to allow players a chance to get used to the game and the rules before the leagues kick off next week. The times and pitches for each team are up on our Facebook page and on our website www.kilkennytagrugby.com. Team lists are also available on both of those platforms so please check that they are accurate. Individual registrations should definitely check that to see what team they have been allocated to.
Can we please ask that those who haven't payed, please do so tonight. We will have invoices available tonight for those who haven't received them. The cost is 35 euro for individual registrations and 315 euro for teams.
A list of some of the basic introductory rules is included below (but don't worry the refs will read these to you before the game tonight)
See you all later

Basic Rules


Tonight we will be playing ‘Social’ rules until we have the teams divided into the social and competitive divisions. All general rules of rugby such as passing backwards, staying in the field of play etc are assumed.


Starting the game


Team captains do rock-paper-scissors. The winners either choose ends or to kick or receive (One or the other)


The game must be started or restarted by a female player kicking the ball from the ground. To restart a game the team that scored kicks to the team that conceded.


If the ball is kicked directly into touch or the in-goal area a free kick is awarded to the receiving team back on half way.


If the ball bounces in play and then goes into touch, the non kicking team takes a roll ball 2 metres in from touch.


If the ball bounces in play and goes over the dead ball line or is touched down in the in-goal area, a roll ball is awarded to the non kicking team 5 metres from their own try line.




When a player makes a tag they must hold the tag in the air, shout tag and PLACE the tag on the ground at the point they made the tag. Do not throw the tag, Do not keep the tag. All defensive players must then retreat 5 metres back from the tag.


Early or late (after a pass) removal of the tag will result in that player being allowed to play on without the tag by the referee, until the point where another defender is in a position to tag that player when a touch will indicate a tag and a roll ball will be played.


If a tag falls off accidentally that player may play on without a tag but a simple touch with a defenders hand on the hips of the attacking player will indicate a tag.


Persistent tagging of a player without the ball will be dealt with by a 4 minute sin bin against the offending player. The discretion of what is deliberate and what is just accidental or mistimed is with the referee.




1 point for a male try and 3 points for a female try. A try will be scored by a player carrying the ball over the try line (In the competitive division the ball must be grounded like rugby union). If a male player passes to a female player after they have crossed the try line the try is still only worth 1 point.




An attacking player is not allowed to block or protect their tags by any other means other than running and evasion. Blocking by hands or spinning is not allowed and will result in a free kick to the non offending team.


A player who has been tagged will place the ball on the ground and roll it gently backwards for another (scrum half) to pass the ball, this is called a “roll ball”. Tip – the roll ball should be taken before the player reattaches their tags to keep the game moving.


The scrum half must pass and cannot run (again this will change in the competitive division)