Divisions are sorted. Remember the committees decision is final with regard to divisions. 


Division 1 is one pool of 8 teams. Top 4 go into the Division 1 Cup Semi Finals and the bottom 4 teams go into the Division 1 Plate Semi Final. There is no restrictions on players in Division 1. There is one slight rule change that applies just to the competitive division. The scrum half can now run (the defensive team may place 1 player as a marker in front of the roll ball. Everyone else must be back 7 yards as normal).


Division 2 is split into two pools of 8 teams. The top two in each pool go into the Division 2 Cup Final. 3rd and 4th in each pool go into the Division 2 Plate semi finals. 5th and 6th in each pool go into the Division 2 Shield semi finals. 7th and 8th in each pool go into the Division 2 Bowl semi finals.

REMEMBER - Division 2 is the social division and teams CAN NOT have more than 3 current of recently retired rugby players on the pitch at any one time, male or female.


The full fixtures and schedule up to the Semi Finals stage is available at www.kilkennytagrugby.leaguerepublic.com


The full schedule is as follows

Week 1 - Thurs 11th May - Grading Night
Week 2 - Thurs 18th May - League Fixtures R1
Week 3 - FRIDAY 26th May - League Fixtures R2 and Quiz Night (4 round table quiz, bonus point for teams competing)
Week 4 - Thurs 1st June - League Fixtures R3
Week 5 - Friday 9th June - League Fixtures R4 & BBQ night
Week 6 - Thurs 15th June - League Fixtures R5
Week 7 - REST WEEK. Due to a major rugby club wedding we will be short on volunteers any night that week.
Week 8 - Thurs 29th June - League Fixtures R6
Week 9 - Thurs 6th July - League Fixtures R7
Week 10 - Thurs 13th July - Semi Finals night
Week 11 - Friday 21st July - Finals night and End of Season Awards night & Disco.

Hi all

Hope you are looking forward to the start of tag tonight. Remember that tonight are just grading matches allowing us to see what level teams are at and to allow players a chance to get used to the game and the rules before the leagues kick off next week. The times and pitches for each team are up on our Facebook page and on our website www.kilkennytagrugby.com. Team lists are also available on both of those platforms so please check that they are accurate. Individual registrations should definitely check that to see what team they have been allocated to.
Can we please ask that those who haven't payed, please do so tonight. We will have invoices available tonight for those who haven't received them. The cost is 35 euro for individual registrations and 315 euro for teams.
A list of some of the basic introductory rules is included below (but don't worry the refs will read these to you before the game tonight)
See you all later

We are now at full capacity for Team entries and individual Female entries and are not accepting any more registrations in these categories. We have a very limited number of Male individual entries available. Please register through the link above in the main menu.



Starting this Thursday the 11th of May. This is a grading night to see if the division selected is the appropriate one for each team.


7pm P1

Nothing Friendly

3 Store

7pm P2

No Scrubs


7pm P3

The Young and the rest of us

Beer to the ground

7pm P4

No Women, No Try


7pm P5


VHI Try-Ranosaurus Rex

7pm P6

Callan Macra

Keenan Boys

8pm P1

Sons of Pitches

Scrum & Coke

8pm P2


Derek Lawlor (Name to Follow)

8pm P3

ReALE Madrid

Twisters (Individuals Team)

8pm P4

Codys BaaBaas (Individuals Team)

Biddy Earlys

8pm P5


8pm P6


Mules and Banners cannot field unitil May 18th


·      Players who have entered individually will kick off at 8pm. Team lists will be published before Wednesday but if you entered as an individual player you will be kicking off at 8pm.

·      Tag Shorts MUST be worn. Tag shorts are available at ‘The Hurley Depot’ on John Street or from other sports retailers. If you do not wear tag shorts, you will have to rent them from the registration desk on Thursday nights for 3 euro per night. Failure to pay will mean a 1 league point deduction for your team.

·      Individual players and teams must check in at the registration desk 15 minutes before their kick off time.

·      The decision of the organising committee with regards to whether a team plays in the competitive or social divisions is FINAL. A team with 4 current or recently retired rugby players MUST play in the competitive division. A team in the social division CAN NOT have more than 3 current or recently retired rugby players. However a team with ZERO current or recently retired rugby players may be moved to the competitive division if the committee deems them too strong for the social division.

TAG SHORTS. Tag shorts are available from ‘The Hurley Depot’ on Johns Street and are priced at 20 euro. The Hurley Depot can be found at http://HurleyDepot.com


TEAM COLOURS. The Hurley depot can also screen print your team t-shirts from 5 euro. You can either supply your own t-shirts for screen printing or Gary in the Hurley Depot can source different options for you.

If teams have their own kit or t-shirts please let us know what you have as we will allocate a team colour for each of the rest of the teams and encourage them to wear tops close to that colour. For example a team will be allocated ‘red’ as their colour so should wear Munster, Liverpool, Cork, Spain tops or any red top.


PITCHES AND SHOWERS. The pitches are being marked and the changing rooms and showers are being divided into Male and Female sections so all will be ready to go for the first night.


RULES. Any team with 4 or more active or recently retired rugby players will automatically be placed in the competitive division. Teams in the social division therefore cannot have any more than 3 active or recently retired rugby players. This will be strictly enforced. There is no restriction on the number of rugby players per team in the competitive division.


WARM UP NIGHT. There will be a warm up night on Tuesday the 9th of May for anyone who wants a game or for those who are starting for the first time. Open to anyone even if the rest of your team is unavailable.



Tag Team